A lot of work by many people has gone into the creation of Mentira. Many of them don't even know that they have helped. It's worth some space here mentioning each of them and their contributions.


This game's initial development was funded by a 2008-9 Interdisciplinary RAC grant at the University of New Mexico. 

Lead Designers/PIs

Assistant Professor
University Honors Program
University of New Mexico

Assistant Professor
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
University of New Mexico

Game Designers

Linda Lemus
Graduate Student
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
University of New Mexico

Aaron Salinger
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
University of New Mexico

Derek Roff
Language Technologist/Supervisor, Language Learning Center, getting ready to record Mentira gameplay


Benito Martinez
jupeja83 at

Still Art

Our game makes heavy use of others' art. The team would like to thank each individual artist for making their creations available for our use either directly or through Creative Commons licenses that allow remixing and redistribution, as well as for including rights parameters in their basic search functionality.
We have organized several galleries at to credit these individuals.
Mentira also uses imagery from the photo archives hosted by University Libraries at the University of New Mexico.
Other still art in the game and on this website, as well as modifications of the art listed above, should credit Chris Holden and are made available under a creative commons license (attribution, derivative works okay). 


Without teachers to work with, no one would play our game. We would like to thank the Teaching Assistants at the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of New Mexico for their help and confidence. In particular, we would like to thank
Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Granja, and Aaron Salinger for opening their classes to Mentira, and for their valuable guidance and feedback.

Los Griegos and Community Members

Los Griegos has been an interesting place for a very long time. We are just beginning to learn its charms. Learning about and operating in Los Griegos would not be possible without the friendly support of local residents, business people, scholars, and bloggers. We would especially like to thank Reuben Aragon, Joe S Sausage, and Adelita.


ARIS is the software platform Mentira runs on. A big thanks goes out to all the developers at